ZenMate VPN for Chrome 5.4.6

Useful VPN tool for anonymous Web browsing

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ZenMate is a proxy extension for the Chrome and Firefox web browsers. Essentially, the way that ZenMate works is by taking all of a person's web traffic and routing it through a proxy server that is said to be located in another country. All of the traffic is encrypted. By taking this extra step, a person is able to enjoy a much greater level of privacy when browsing the Internet than he or she would otherwise. It also makes it very easy to avoid any restrictions that are placed on a person's traffic and viewing privileges due to the country in which they are located.

This program is entirely free. It can be installed by anyone who is using Chrome or Firefox. Even though the current program costs nothing to use, in the future developers are planning to release a Pro version that will have more features and will require a monthly subscription in order for it to be used. The basic version of this program will always stay free.

Another huge advantage that is associated with using ZenMate is that it is extremely easy to set up and install. It can be installed through the Internet, usually through the Chrome. As soon as the install button has been clicked, the user only needs to enter his or her email address, which will allow the registration process to be completed. There are no additional codes or activation emails that need to be received.

The way it works is that an icon is installed in the top toolbar of the web browser for which it was installed. This icon will turn green whenever it has been activated, meaning that it is currently being used to protect the user. To edit any of the preferences or manage activities, a user merely needs to click on it.

It is possible for ZenMate to switch between its reported country almost instantly whenever it senses that a site might not work should the location be incorrect. There is no delay in connection time or other processes, such as the speed at which a person is surfing the Internet.

One of the main benefits of using ZenMate is that it allows a person to use streaming services for Hulu Plus and Netflix as though he or she were located outside of the United States. It is very clear that the proxy part of ZenMate works well, although there is no real way to test how effective the security or privacy of the program is.

Pros of Using ZenMate:

  • Incredibly Easy to Set Up and Use
  • Instant Connection Between Proxy Servers
  • Fast Speed With Regard to Surfing the Internet
  • Blocked Sites in Particular Countries Can Be Viewed

Cons of Using ZenMate:

  • No Actual Way to Tell How Secure the Program Is
  • Only a Few Proxy Countries Available
  • Not Available for MAC Operating System X

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